Russian lady dating from Novgorod

Like every human I’m not ideal, each of us has some good and bad sides. However I consider myself a positive personality.

I’m aware that I can be different: quiet or excited, reserved or madly cheerful, caring and sensible, as well as spontaneous and hasty, happy or sad, confident or confused, calm or sensitive, serious or funny, active or lazy, talkative or silent. Everything depends on the circumstances, definite situations, my mood, people around me and many other things. Nevertheless I’m always myself and trust my common sense. What is permanent about me is my honesty, openness, frankness, friendliness, loyalty, reliability, wit and inherent sense of humor. I’m an ambitious and industrious person, I think that there must be a certain aim in the life of every person. I’m an optimist. I can say my confidence increases with age. I’m a peaceful person and don’t like arguing. On the one hand I’m realistic, practical and down to earth and on the other hand I’m romantic and sensitive.

Let me tell you a little bit about my interests. It’s not much, but never the less, I company of my friends, and I like merry parties, visiting new places, meeting with interesting people. On occasions or when Im in the mood for dancing I go to discos and nightclubs. I like dancing and Im good in this. Sometimes I meet with my friends in cafes. Unfortunately I dont have much time for sports in my every day life, however I am trying to keep fit and regularly go in for shaping. As for passive sport: watching figure skating and ballroom dancing competitions is a great pleasure for me. From time to time I go out to see a new movie, new play in local theater, some interesting exhibition or to a music concert. I enjoy ballet and opera, when I have an opportunity to see it live. Generally, I attend the most interesting events in the cultural life of my city. When I have a chance to travel I like visiting museums, especially those of fine arts, and historical places, when I go sightseeing. I want to meet a serious, honest, reliable and independent man who is dreaming about family happiness, loving wife and wonderful children. I just decided not to limit my search with the boarders of a definite city or country. Fortunately there is an Internet and I hope it will increase the chances for our meeting.I think that every person on the planet is unique and we all have our strong and weak points, our rises and falls in life. I am not looking for a perfect man, I just hope to find the one who will be my devoted friend, reliable partner, tender lover and beloved husband.