Meeting Russian lady from Voronezh

To describe my appearance, Id say Im imperfect perfection. Im also logical, sensual, charming, tender, faithful, attentive, enigmatic and emotional.

If Im carried away with something, I try to bring it to perfection and devote much time to details. Any kind of injustice provokes a protest in me. I never despair and Im an optimist in every respect. I have a great variety of interests. I like music, dances and club parties. I adore communicating with outstanding people; experience something new, fresh and interesting even if its only for a small circle of people. I like to swim and to cycle. From time to time I attend skating rink. Slow walks along the seaside bring me a lot of pleasure. I adore hikes to the new, unknown places or just somewhere on the nature. I can ski a little and dream to try and learn snowboarding.

I like noisy companies but at the same time I value a lot calm time spent with close people and friends. I like to sew and try to create clothes myself. I love and really good at work with children.Id like my future partner to be cute, sporty, funny, faithful, tender, emotional, and open in communication, sincere, fair and attentive. Id like him to be active in everything whether its rest on the nature, sports, work, family or hobbies. I want him to value a person like I am!