Amazing women Russian

I am a girl in whom there are more negative qualities than positive. I like to frighten and play funny tricks on men I am an obstinate, daring and naughty girl who birch-rods cry for, so in short a little witch!.. They say that I am a joyous person capable to listen not only to anecdotes, but also sad life stories; sometimes I give a piece of thoughtful advice and also compassionate and understanding. From the first sight I seem to be rather harmful but more appropriate word is ACTRESS with a changing mood But also I am a girl with a rich inner world and warm eyes. Sometimes I am a hyper but sometimes passive. Curious and adventurous! I am a person in whose soul there is an endless war of worlds! A dreamer that believes in one and the only love and happiness in wedlock, that brings sensuality and unending energy to two loving people for a life-long time. I am a one-man woman and very possessive. My hobby is to find solely functioning way to attract men`s attention but it should work for 100 %!!! I like to analyze and watch people`s actions that means I am interested in psychology. I am working out the plan of actions to destroy the stereotype Princes do not exist because in my childhood I used to believe in this aphorism. I used to dream to become a sailor: to combine duties of pirate and trader, wanted to be Peter Pen, then God, later a President, then a military, a space-woman.

I’m a romantic and a dynamic person. I know what I want and I do everything to achieve my aims. I want to have a nice family, with a man I will love more than any other woman could love. Im kind, calm and communicable. I love spending time with my children. I have many friends and I like spending my free time with them. I like going to the theater to see interesting performances. I enjoy life, and Im interested in learning and experiencing new things. It will be nice to have similar interests and to share them. Im looking for serious relationships. I would like to find not only a loving husband for myself, but also a good father to my children and to love them as his own. You have to be optimistic, this is very important for me… someone who knows what he wants.

I am a kind hearted, trustworthy woman with a good sense of humor who enjoys life to the fullest. I enjoy romantic candlelight dinners, walks in the forest, traveling, going to the theater, and especially building new memories. I love cooking and I hope you will be able to try some of my delicious recipes one day. I like watching old movies and listening to the classic music. I enjoy calm evenings, reading books and having nice conversations. I’m looking for a man to share my life with. I think it will be more perfect if we share common interests. I’m looking for a partner that is kind and cheerful, very honest, witty, outgoing, open-minded and romantic, respect me. I want somebody who dreams of a family together, living in a nice house and enjoying each other.