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Spring is a special time, not only in real life, but even in a virtual space. Thousands of men and women strive to find their love  in one of the simplest ways – register their profile, wait for a miracle or create a miracle themselves – write a greeting to the person they like. But alas, the words “How you’re doing” are no longer considered as a great way to start dating. Nobody wants to answer such a message. So, what should you write in order to interest Russian women?

  1. Look at the photos of the person you like. If she has a pet, then she’ll surely have the picture with it. Sample sentences: “Hello! You have such a beautiful cat/dog. Probably, it’s hard to take care of it?”,”Hello! I love animals so much, will not you introduce me to your pet?”

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2.”You are so often online. Let’s digress from the Internet, go somewhere together?”. This is a good suggestion to start communication, but still before this you need to chat at least a couple of days about something abstract. For example, what books you like or what the girl thinks about equestrian sports. Your interlocutor should trust you, otherwise she will respond to the offer to have a walk with a refusal.

  1. Forbidden words – “get acquainted”, “and you are beautiful”, “how are you/what are you doing?”, “Does your mother need no son-in-law?”, “What does such a beautiful girl do on a dating site?” And other common phrases not bearing any semantic load, and therefore obviously not giving rise to the continuation of the dialogue, it is not worth writing.
  2. Do not start a dialogue with tips from pick-up artists, which can be found by millions. Believe me, the girl will not respond to messages like “Don’t you need the perfect man?” Or “Girl, you stole my heart. The police are on their way”. In this case, even the beaten question “how are you” will sound much more pleasant and will not cause irritation.

Do not be intrusive when getting acquainted. Internet is not a reason to bother the person who first rejected you. It is better to switch to another questionnaire – after all, on the dating services there are a lot of girls and all users are waiting for their only love. Be original, but intelligent – and then everything will be okay!

The main thing while getting acquainted is to be interested in person whom you’re going to write, otherwise what’s the point in discussing something with her.

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In any case don’t lie to the girl. Tell anything, just do not lie. Your story about how you won the race for 40 kilometers will not excite interest in the interlocutor, if it will be deceitful. You can slightly embellish the story: not “I was behind two panels from a tiger”, but “the tiger was very close, I could feel its breath… Behind the two panes.”.

Also, don’t forget about compliments. Without them even the communication through monitors and kilometers will be boring. Do not say the usual things, for example, how handsome your interlocutor is or how you like her left eye. Just notice what you like about her story – mind, cheerful character or excellent thinking in critical situations. Be simpler, speak the truth and do not use hackneyed phrases. Then your conversations will be pleasant and long.

Learn how to conduct the conversation. First of all it should be easy and nice. Do not talk with a girl about the fire in Izmailovo or the bloody events in Ukraine. And this does not mean that you are a person indifferent to someone else’s grief and injustice. This means that everything has its time. Questions … They should be asked, because you are interested in the answers of the girl and want to learn more about her. In fact, in the first well-built conversation, the girl can gently unravel everything that you want to know about her. Up to the name of her first love and personal “red days”.